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OCULUS - Peachy Glass Aggregates + Sandy Pink Concrete


This is part of the experimental series of oculus necklaces, made from mixing in glass as aggregates. Each one is unique in the colours chosen.

An oculus is a circular opening in the centre of a dome — an eye gazing up at the sky, allowing in a small glimpse of the stars above.

MATERIALS: Concrete + Brass
SIZE: 43mm Circle Diameter with 32inch Brass Ball Chain

Our jewelry is made with a specially developed concrete mixture, refined through lengthy and rigorous testing, and altered by a selection of aggregates and concrete pigments. Our concrete is prepared in small batches and poured into handmade molds, and each piece is hand-polished before being sealed with an archival wax designed for longevity. Every resulting creation is enduring and timeless, with a pattern of colour that is as unique as its wearer.