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These crocus earrings are a collaborative project between Béton Brut and Mayerly Paulenko. The duo came together to mix mediums and create something beautiful together. We wanted to begin this partnership with the crocus, a flower known as the first sign of spring and new beginnings. 

MATERIALS: Concrete, Brass, 14K Gold Fill Hook.
SIZE: 40mm Length

A little about Maye: I’m a Colombian designer living in the prairies of Canada. I have an emphasis in communication and product design, I love to paint in multiple mediums, and I love nature in all its forms.


Our jewelry is made with a specially developed concrete mixture, refined through lengthy and rigorous testing, and altered by a selection of aggregates, concrete pigments, and brass flakes. Our concrete is prepared in small batches and poured into handmade molds, and each piece is hand-polished before being sealed with an archival wax designed for longevity. Every resulting creation is enduring and timeless, with a pattern of colour that is as unique as its wearer.